Amna Ilyas wants colorism to end in Pakistan

Model turned actress Amna Ilyas has always been vocal about colorism in Pakistan. On many occasions, the Baji actress expressed how dark complexion girls are being treated in the entertainment industry and society.

Ilyas was once the victim of colorism herself but the starlet overcame her complex and took a stand against it.

In a recent tweet, the Kafaara actress highlighted that Pakistani celebrities should stop endorsing fairness cream‘s brands so that people could feel comfortable in their own skin.

She wrote,

“My fellow colleagues in the industry, time fr promoting fairness creams fr the sake of money n greed has long passed. Our influence as public figures is meant to make others feel beautiful, not less beautiful. Shame on everyone, who still subscribes to this way of thinking! #endcolourism”

Recently, rumors were making rounds on social media that model Amna Ilyas has got married to actor Dawar Mehmood. However, Amna responded to the claim.



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