Hareem Shah appears in BOL Entertainment’s Khush Raho Pakistan

Famous TikTok star Hareem Shah has multiplied the entertainment of Khush Raho Pakistan, the BOL Entertainment hit show.

‘Khush Raho Pakistan’ is a primetime Pakistani Game Show, hosted by the Pakistani superstar Faysal Quraishi, on BOL Entertainment.

Unlike the usual Game Shows happening around the country, Khush Raho Pakistan provides a fresh feel to the audience.

Khush Raho Pakistan is currently featuring Instagrammers Vs Tick Tockers.

Being a TikToker herself, Hareem Shah, however, supported the Instagrammers in the show. She played different games with the participants and had a fruitful evening at the show.


Hareem Shah playing Find The Ball:

Hareem Shah Playing The Whisper Challenge

Hareem Shah Playing The Pictionary:


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