Mahira Khan asking funny questions to Humayun during her cooking show

The most-adored Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is currently hosting a cooking show being aired on YouTube.

In total four episodes until now, Mahira Khan has invited Adnan Siddiqui, Bilal Ashraf and Momal Sheikh. Whereas, in the final Episode Humayun Saeed was the guest.

In the first three episodes, the guests taught dishes to Mahira Khan and in the final episode, the host made a special omelette for Saeed.

While cooking Mahira asked some funny questions to Humayun. She asked if Adnan Siddiqui was a dish what’d be the name of it? To which, Humayun replied: ‘Karalay Gosht’.

When asked about Mehwish Hayat, the actor said, ‘Mehwish is Biryani’. About Mahira, he said that you are like an omelette.

However, in return, the Superstar actress told Humayun that you are like Nehari. Furthermore, talking about Ayeza, Humayun said that she’d be pizza, because she likes pizza. Whereas, about Fahad Mustafa, Humayun Saeed said that he is like Haleem. Fawad is like a Tiryaki. Humayun for himself thinks he is ‘Katakat’.

Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed together in a cooking show

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