PM Directs To Present Road-Map For Revival Of Cinema Industry

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed to present a roadmap for revival of cinema industry as soon as possible.

According to details, a special meeting was held today under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister to highlight the country’s identity, civilization and culture, in which the role of the cinema industry and measures for its revival was discussed.

The Prime Minister was given a detailed briefing on the revival of cinema in the country, the role of the cinema industry in highlighting the country’s identity, and the proposed strategy for overcoming the challenges facing the cinema industry was also considered.

In the meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan directed to present a roadmap on the proposals for the revival of the cinema industry as soon as possible. He said that an action plan should also be presented on the concessional package for production of films at the local level.

The Prime Minister said that the unique identity of the country and the nation has to be highlighted within the country and globally, promotion of Pakistaniness, the introduction of national heritage to the young generation is our priority.

He said that cinema plays an important role in highlighting social values, culture and civilization, but due to the current state of the cinema industry in the country, there is an abundance of foreign material, which has also affected the training efforts of the younger generation.

The Prime Minister said that efforts were needed on a priority basis to revive the cinema industry.

Special Assistant of Prime Minister on Information and broadcasting Asim Saleem Bajwa also Tweeted, “Revival of Pakistan’s Film Industry:PM chaired mtng& approved in principle,measures to revive film Industry,promote our cultural/societal values, improve production qual&take entertainment to masses.Directed concerned ministries to prep implementation plan.”

While replying to SAMP’s Tweet Rock Star Ali Zafar replied, “Thank you @AsimSBajwa for taking this up with such vigour. InshAllah, this will be a game changer for the Pakistan Film Industry.”


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