Western Digital Launches its First RGB-Enabled High-Speed SSDs

American hardware company Western Digital is expanding its selection of WD Black drives with its first-ever PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSDs that offer much faster speeds than before. These SSDs also boast eye-catching RGB lighting, which is uncommon among hard drives.


The new WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSDs are made to make the best use of the new PCIe Gen 4 technology. They will be able to deliver much faster read/write speeds of up to 7000/5300MB/s (1TB model). This is combined with a new cache technology and improved low queue-depth performance over the previous generation, allowing for much better transfer and loading times than before.

There is also an RGB enabled heatsink to prevent thermal throttling.

Add-in Card (Multiple SSDs)


Other than that, the company has also unveiled the WD_BLACK AN1500 NVMe SSD Add-in-Card that is powered by two PCIe Gen 3 SSDs. It can deliver up to 6500 MB/s and 4100MB/s read and write speeds respectively, making it ideal for those looking for next-gen performance on their current-gen setups.

Game Dock


Last but not the least, the WD_BLACK D50 Game Dock NVMe SSD can turn any Thunderbolt 3 compatible laptop into a gaming machine. It features a compact and streamlined design with multiple ports for accessories, all of which are powered by a single Thunderbolt 3 cord.

Each component has RGB lighting as shown in the images.


The WD Black PCIe Gen 4 SSD will come in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB options and will start at $150.

The Add-In card will start at 1TB and will go up to 4TB capacity. This will start at $300.

Finally, the SSD Game Dock will offer 1TB storage for a starting price of $500. There will also be a non-SSD option for $320.

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